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Amador County Shenandoah Valley


Better than gold...invest in agricultural land with water

Why Amador County?

Unique growing conditions - We are generally above the fog and below the snow. Gently rolling foothills and unique Shenandoah and Sierra sandy loam soils are granitic-based and slightly acidic. A delta breeze during the day pushes warm air from the valley into the foothills. At night, a cooler breeze from the snow covered western slopes of the Sierra Nevada moves the warm air back to the valley.

Fruit Quality - Head-pruned vines are hand crafted and sustainably farmed in the traditional dry land manner. The fruit has superb flavors. We just won a double gold with our zinfandel wine in the San Francisco Chronicle competition.

Amador County Vintners Association - The association markets our wines nationwide. Last data - 2008 - had over 100,000 visitors to tasting rooms in the Amador County wine country. There are over 40 winery members.

Land Values - Shenandoah Valley vineyard land has escaped the current down turn in prices. Recent land sales support more than our asking prices.

World-Class Wines - Zinfandel - Amador County has 4.9% of the Zinfandel grapes planted in the state and won 26% of the awards for wine produced during the award season 08-09.

California Wine Enjoys a Long Boom - WineBusiness.com Daily News, August 26, 2013 - Despite its minor ups and downs, this will the the 19th year of consecutive growth for California's wine industry - as long a boom as any business can hope to have...read more

Custom Farming/or seller lease back available.

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Photos courtesy of Carolyn Fox